mini perfit 30/box

The Mini Perfit ACE adjusts to virtually all infant, pediatric and small adult neck sizes with its 12 settings within the three standard Perfit ACE sizes (infant, pediatric and neckless).

It is not only an infant or pediatric collar! The Mini Perfit ACE is perfect for small adults with thin necks. The Mini Perfit ACE incorporates latches which allow the rescuer to size the collar accurately according to the patient's exact neck size. Two safety buttons hold the collar in place for maximum reliability.


*Stores completely flat, minimizing inventory

*Incorporates the Perfit numbering and colour sizing system, making it easy to size the collar accurately

*Horizontal sizing line

*Preshaped flip chin piece for easy airway access CT and MRI compatible

*Nasal cannula holders located on collar body

*Safe closing mechanism ensure maximum reliability

*Resizeable and comfortable


The shell material is made of polyethylene.
12 precise settings within the three standard sizes
Sales price: $24.00


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